Residential Services

Welcome. We are Florida Pest INNOVATIONS. We would like the opportunity to help you protect your property from termites, household pests and lawn-damaging insects (fire ants, too!). We begin with a thorough inspection of your property and give you a full explanation of what we find. We will discuss any concerns you may have and offer a solution to those concerns. Our program, truly is, second to none. We use the best products available applied by highly trained technicians. Most importantly - we do what we say we are going to do. We will work with you to prevent pest problems as well as control any current issues.

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Commercial Services

Commercial Bird Management

Structural Bird Management

Florida Pest Innovations has teamed up with AIREPEL to offer you the nation's most Humane Bird Management systems for structures. Control the birds on your property with our discreet yet humane bird control systems. Don't let the bird droppings ruin your property and profitability.

* Works on Pigeons, Gulls and other nuisance birds.

* Proven safe on all structures

* No ugly spikes, nets or wires


Turf & Ornamental Bird Management

Florida Pest Innovations has teamed up with Arkion Life Sciences to offer you the nations most Humane Bird Management systems for turf & ornamental. Flight Control Plus Services is a flexible system based on your property needs. Flight control is combined with other bird harassment services to work with your individual needs.

Commercial Rodent Management

Exterior Rodent Control - Placement of Rodent Bait Stations around property and exterior wall of structure(s).

Structural Rodent Control - Placement of Rodent traps and glue boards inside the structure ( attic and crawl space areas).


Commercial Food - Pest Service

Monthly Pest Service keeps roaches, ants, rodents and more out of your commercial kitchen. Food safe treatment procedures keeps your kitchen clean of pesticides and pests. After hours service available.